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October 2018

Oct 4- Yuk Yuks Vancouver

Oct 5- Yuk Yuks Vancouver

Oct 6- Yuk Yuks Vancouver

Oct 12- Yuk Yuk’s Calgary

Oct 13- Yuk Yuk’s Calgary

Oct 18- Yuk Yuk’s Edmonton

Oct 19- Yuk Yuk’s Edmonton

Oct 20- Yuk Yuk’s Edmonton

September 2018

Sept 28- Yuk Yuk’s Abbotsford

Sept 29- Yuk Yuk’s Abbotsford

May 2018

May 2-5- Las Vegas Shows TBA

May 18-Jet Pack Comedy, Los Angeles

May 20- Heavy Heavy Low Low at Bar Lubitsch, Los Angeles

May 21- Dime Comedy, Los Angeles

May 26- The Comedy Store Hollywood

April 2018

April 4- Wednesday Funnies, North Hollywood

April 5- LA Comedy Club, Las Vegas

April 5-Laugh Factory, Las Vegas

April 8- The Comedy Store, Hollywood

April 11- Au Lac Comedy Show, Los Angeles

April 17- Comedy Juice at The Improv, Irvine

April 18- Arts and Crafts Comedy, Los Angeles

April 21- Cabin Comedy, Los Angeles

April 24- The Surly Goat, Los Angeles

March 2018

March 8- The Comedy Store Hollywood

March 9- Sauce Comedy , Los Angeles

March 13- Nerdmelt Theatre, Los Angeles

March 19- Mickeys Comedy, Hollywood

March 20- Laugh Lounge, Los Angeles

March 22-Gallaghers Pub, Huntington Beach

March 30- Rosenthal Winery, Malibu

March 31- The Ice House Pasadena

February 2018

Feb 3rd- Comedy Pop Up, LA

Feb 9th- Don’t Tell Comedy, Redlands, CA

Feb 15- Free Parking Comedy, Culver City, CA

Feb 21- Arts and Crafts Comedy, LA

Feb 23- Gangbusters Comedy, LA

Feb 23- Art Deco Comedy, LA

Feb 28- Molly Blooms, San Clemente,CA

January 2018

Jan 9- Comedy Bar Toronto

Jan 11- Roy Thompson Hall Toronto

Jan 17- Hooters Hollywood

Jan 18- Free Parking Comedy, Culver City

Jan 20- Westside Comedy Theater, Santa Monica

Jan 25- San Francisco Sketch Fest

Jan 26- San Francisco Sketch Fest

Jan 27- San Francisco Sketch Fest

Jan 28- San Francisco Sketch Fest

Jan 31- Good Times Comedy Show, Sherman Oaks, CA

December 2017

Dec 10- Loosey Goosey, Los Angeles

Dec 12- Put Your Hands Together at UCB Franklin, Los Angeles

Dec 15-Yuk Yuks, Vaughn Ontario Canada

Dec 16- Yuk Yuks, Vaughn Ontario Canada

Dec 17- Comedy Bar, Toronto

Dec 18- Alt Dot Comedy Lounge, Toronto

Dec 20- Underground Comedy Club

Dec 20-Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Dec 21- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Dec 22-Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Dec 23- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 

Dec 31- NYE at Park town hotel, Saskatoon

November 2017

Nov 5- Kiss My Ass at The Satellite, Los Angeles 830pm

Nov 13- Velvet Comedy, Los Angeles

Nov 15– Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans

Nov 16– Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans

Nov 17 – Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans

Nov 18– Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans

Nov 19 – Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans

Nov 21- Fine a Comedy Show, Los Angeles

Nov 26- Friendship Buddies, Los Angeles

Nov 30- Big Money at The Virgil, Los Angeles

October 2017

Oct 2- The Business, Los Angeles

Oct 9- The Comedy Store, Los Angeles

Oct 10- Dime Bar Comedy show, Los Angeles

Oct 12- West Side Comedy Theatre Santa Monica

Oct 15- Barely Friending Live at Nerdmelt theater 9pm

Oct 16- Comedy Basement, Santa Monica

Oct 27- Peachy Keen at Bar Lubitsch, Los Angeles 

September 2017

Sept 6- The Improv, Hollywood 8pm

Sept 15- The Club House, Los Angeles 9pm

Sept 16- Frog Spot Comedy 

Sept 22- Comedy Popup, Hermosa Beach

Sept 26- Comedy Bowl 9pm

Sept 30- West Side Comedy Theater, Santa Monica 8pm

August 2017

Aug 7 – Smoke House Comedy, Burbank 9pm

Aug 8- The Other Door Comedy Show, Burbank 8pm

Aug 11- UCB Sunset 9pm

Aug 12- The Ice House Comedy club

Aug 14- Comedy in Pasadena, Ca 930pm

Aug 16- Frowntown Comedy, Los Angeles 9pm

Aug 17- Nothing to See Here, Los Angeles 9pm

Aug 18- Donation Comedy Show 9pm

Aug 21- Fringe Comedy 9pm

July 2017

July 5th- Venice Underground, Venice Beach

July 6- The Ice House, Pasadena

July 7- Peachy Keen Comedy, Los Angeles

July 8- 12 Shiny Nickels, Santa Monica

July 10- Ruthless People Comedy show, West Hollywood

July 16- Hanger 24 Brewery, Redlands Ca

July 17- Thats Gold Comedy show

July 20- Laugh Factory, Long Beach

July 22- Peachy Keen Comedy

July 25-30th- Just for Laughs Montreal Festival

June 2017

Jun 6- Crush Street Comedy, Culver City

June 9- Malibu Wines Comedy Show, Malibu

June 13- Mad House Comedy Club San Diego

June 15- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa

June 16- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa

June 17- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa

June 19- The Rivoli Toronto

June 20- Comedy Bar Toronto 8pm

June 20- Comedy Bar Toronto 930pm

June 21- Dopen Mic Toronto 930pm

June 22- Yuk Yuks Toronto

June 25- Comedy Bar Toronto 930pm

June 26- Comedy Bar Toronto 8pm

June 26- The Rivoli Toronto 9pm

June 27- Pour Boy Comedy Show 8pm

June 27- Comedy Underground at The Drake hotel 8pm

June 27- Yuk Yuks Toronto 10pm

June 28- Spirits Comedy Toronto 930pm

May 2017

May 1- The Rivoli Toronto

May 9- Fine a Comedy Show LA 

May 17- Bear City Comedy Show Long Beach

May 18- The Ice House Pasadena

May 25- West Side Comedy Theatre LA

May 27- The Comedy Store Hollywood

May 28- Chatterbox Comedy LA

May 29- The Ossington Comedy Show Toronto

May 30- Comedy Bar Toronto

May 31- Night Owl Comedy Show Toronto

April 2017

April 5- Rod Stewart Live Comedy Show LA

April 6- Hi De Ho Comedy Show LA

April 11- West Side Comedy Theatre Santa Monica

April 14- Sauce Comedy LA

April 15- Good Heroin LA

April 17- The Rack Woodland Hills, CA

April 21- Yuk Yuks London

April 22-Yuk Yuks London

April 23- Yuk Yuks Toronto 8pm

April 23- Comedy Bar 9:30pm

April 24- The Ossington Toronto 8pm

April 24- The Rivoli 9pm 

April 25- Pour Boy on College Toronto 8pm

April 25- Comedy Bar Toronto 830pm

April 25- Comedy Bar Toronto 930pm

April 26- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 8pm

April 26- The Underground Comedy Club Toronto 930pm

April 27- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 8pm

April 27- Bad Dog Theatre Toronto 9pm

April 26-29- Halifax Comedy Festival

March 2017

March 6- Comedy at The Six in Studio City

March 15- Venice Underground Comedy Show

March 16- The Laugh Factory Hollywood

March 20- Cool Thanks at UCB sunset LA

March 26- Hollywood Improv LA

February 2017

Feb 1- Flappers Comedy Club 7:30

Feb 2Comedy Central Stage, Los Angeles 8PM

Feb 4- Promenade Playhouse Santa Monica 9pm 

Feb 16- The Ice House Comedy Club Pasadena 830PM

Feb 21- Flappers Comedy Club Burbank

Feb 24- Comedy Ahoy LA

Feb 24- Peachy Keen Comedy Show LA

Feb 25- 12 Shiny Nickels Santa Monica

Feb 28- The Hollywood Improv LA

December 2016

Dec 1-3- Yuk Yuks London

Dec 10- Sudbury opening for Brent Butt

Dec 18- Comedy Bar



November 2016

Nov 3,4,5- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

Nov. 9- Algonquin College

Nov 23- Comedy Bar Toronto

October 2016

Oct 6,7,8- Yuk Yuk’s Ajax

Oct 12- Fanshawe College London Ontario

Oct 21- Sudbury Ontario

Oct 28- Yuk Yuk’s Vaughn

September 2016

Sept 6- Drake Underground Toronto

Sept 7- Underground comedy club

Sept 8- Sault Sainte Marie

Sept 10- Elgin Ontario

Sept 11- Comedy Bar Toronto

Sept 16- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Sept 17- Comedy Bar Toronto

Sept 20- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Sept 21- Comedy Bar Toronto

Sept 26- The Rivoli Toronto

Sept 30- The Garrison Toronto w/ Emo Phillips

August 2016

Aug 19-20- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

Aug 29- Soho House Toronto

July 2016

July 8-9 – Yuk Yuks Vaughn

July 11- The Rivoli Toronto

July 14- Comedy Bar Toronto

July 15- The Garage Show Toronto

July 16-17 Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

July 18- The Rivoli Toronto

July 19- Pour Boy on College st. 8pm

Propen Mic Comedy Bar 930pm

July 21- SoCap theatre Toronto

July 22- Rap Battles Comedy Bar

July 23- Comedy Bar Toronto 8pm and 10pm





June 2016

June 15-19- Headlining Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

June 19- i heart radio MMVA’s

June 25- Comedy Bar 8pm and 10pm

June 26- Crimson Wave Comedy Bar Toronto

June- 27- Hosting The Rivoli Toronto


May 2016

May 4- The Great Hall Toronto part of Canadian Music Week

May 10- Orangeville Ontario

May 13- Yuk Yuks Toronto

May 14- Social Capital theatre Toronto

May 16- The Rivoli Toronto

May 17- CBC Debaters Taping Peterborough Ontario

May 20- Yuk Yuks Toronto

May 21- The Gators Tail Cambridge Ontario

May 22- The Duke Toronto

April 2016

April 1- Massey Hall Toronto

April 4- Comedy Bar Toronto

April 6- The Ossington Toronto- Comedy Bar Toronto

April 8- Thorndale Ontario

April 9- Comedy Bar Toronto 8pm+10pm

April 10- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

April 12- Underground Comedy Club Toronto

April 14-16- Yuk Yuk’s Ajax Ontario

April 23- Comedy Bar Toronto

April 25- The Rivoli Toronto

April 28-30- Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga Ontario

March 2016

March 18-19- Yuk Yuk’s London Ontario

March 21- The Rivoli Toronto



Feb 5- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Feb 6- Membertou Convention Centre – Nova Scotia

Feb 8- The Rivoli Toronto

Feb 13- Howick Ontario

Feb 15- The Rivoli Toronto

Feb 17- Chuckle Co., Comedy Bar, Toronto

Feb 19-20- Yuk Yuk’s Hamilton

Feb 22- The Rivoli Toronto

Feb 27- Sarnia Ontario


Jan 2- Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga

Jan 4- The Rivoli Toronto

Jan 5- Comedy Bar Toronto

Jan 8- Bad Dog Theatre Toronto

Jan 18- The Rivoli Toronto

Jan 29- The Ice Breakers Comedy Festival- Niagara On the Lake


Dec 3-5- Yuk Yuk’s Montreal

Dec 14- The Rivoli Toronto

Dec 19- Cambridge Ontario

Dec 26- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa

Dec 30- Comedy Bar Toronto

Dec 31- Yuk Yuk’s Vaughn NYE SHOW


Nov 5-Fundraiser at the Steam Whistle Brewery Toronto Ontario

Nov 27-28- Yuk Yuk’s Vaughn


Oct 2- Nottawa (NOT Ottawa) Ontario

Oct 6- The Drake Underground Toronto

Oct 7- Comedy Bar Toronto

Oct 8- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Oct 9-10- Yuk Yuk’s Hamilton Ontario

Oct 15- 120 Diner

Oct 17- Hamilton Ontario

Oct 19- The Rivoli

Oct 20- McMaster University

Oct 22, 23,24- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

Oct 26- The Rivoli

Oct 29- Bad Dog Theatre Toronto


Sept 8- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Sept 10- Cambrian College Sudbury

Sept 11- Northern College Timmins

Sept 17- The Smiling Buddha Toronto

Sept 18-19- Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga

Sept 22- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Sept 26- Guelph, Ontario

Sept 27- The Rivoli opening for Brent Morin JFL42

Sept 29- The Rivoli part of JFL42



July 30-31-Aug 1- Yuk Yuk’s Halifax

Aug 2- The Company House, Halifax

Aug 10- The Office Pub Toronto/The Ossington Toronto

Aug 11- Comedy Bar Toronto

Aug 12- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Aug 13- Comedy Bar Toronto

Aug 14-15- Yuk Yuk’s Ajax

Aug 17- The Rivoli Toronto

Aug 19- Comedy Bar Toronto

Aug 24- The Rivoli Toronto


JULY 2015

July 1- the ossington Toronto

July 3- Bar 120 Toronto

July 4- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

July 5- The Cloak and Dagger Toronto

July 6- The Rivoli Toronto

July 7- The Rivoli Toronto

July 8- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

July 10-11- Yuk Yuk’s London

July 12- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

July 16- The Peppermill, Minden

July 19- The Cloak and Dagger Toronto

July 21- Pour Boy on College, Toronto

July 29- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

July 30-31-Aug 1- Yuk Yuk’s Halifax


JUNE 2015

June 1- The Rivoli Toronto

June 4- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

June 8- Comedy Bar Toronto

June 10- Comedy Bar Toronto

June 11- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

June 12- Texas Comedy Massacre 830pm and Rap Battlez at Comedy Bar 1030pm

June 14- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

June 15- The Rivoli Toronto

June 17- Underground Comedy Club

June 18- Club 120

June 19- Underground Comedy club with Todd Glass

June 20- NXNE with Eric Andre


MAY 2015

May 1- Yuk Yuks Toronto

May 2- Comedy Bar Toronto

May 12- The Garrison

May 14-15-16- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

May 21- Bad Dog Theatre

May 25- The Rivoli

May 28- Windsor, Ontario

APRIL 2015

April 1- Underground Comedy Club Toronto

April 3- The Black Swan, Social Capital theatre space Toronto

April 6- The Rivoli Toronto

April 9-11- Yuk Yuk’s Vaughn

April 13- The Rivoli Toronto

April 14- Stoney Creek, Ontario

April 21- Comedy Bar Toronto

April 22- Comedy at Spirits

April 23- JFL42 show at Comedy Bar Toronto

April 24- Stratford Ontario

April 25- Leamington, Ontario

April 26- The Hangover comedy show at the cloak and dagger

April 29- Comedy Bar Toronto


MARCH 2015

Mar 19-21- Yuk Yuk’s Ajax

Mar 12-15- Yuk Yuk’s Montreal

Mar 11- Algonquin College Ottawa

Mar 6- Georgian Ski Club


Feb 4th- The Ossington Toronto

Feb 6- Comedy Bar Toronto

Feb 12-15- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa

Feb 17- Comedy Bar

Feb 18- Spirits Bar Toronto

Feb 19- Bad Dog Theatre Toronto

Feb 20- Comedy Bar Toronto

Feb 21- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Feb 28- Kirkland Lake Ontario


Jan 4- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Jan 5- The Rivoli Toronto

Jan 9-10- Yuk Yuk’s London

Jan 14- Comedy Bar Toronto

Jan 15- Northern College

Jan 16- The Sheraton hotel Toronto

Jan 17- Superstars of Comedy at Comedy Bar Toronto

Jan 19- The Rivoli Toronto



Dec 2- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Dec 3- Mohawk College

Dec 4-6- Goderich Ontario

Dec 20- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Dec 27- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

Dec 29- The Rivoli

Dec 30- Comedy Bar Toronto

Dec 31- NYE at Yuk Yuk’s Ajax



Nov 3- Comedy Monday Nights Calgary 8pm

Nov 5- Jupiter Lounge Calgary

Nov 7-8- Yuk Yuk’s Edmonton

Nov 9-10- Medicine Hat Alberta TBA

Nov 12- Kelowna British Columbia TBA

Nov 14-15- Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver


Oct 16-18- Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga

Oct 22- Algonquin College

Oct 30-Nov 1- Yuk Yuk’s Calgary


Sept 1- The University of Windsor

Sept 2- Brock University

Sept 4- Niagara University

Sept 11-14- The Canadian Comedy Awards Ottawa

Sept 15- The Rivoli Toronto 9pm

Sept 18- 27- JFL42 TORONTO


July 31-Aug2- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa

Aug 10- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 8pm

Aug 12- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 9pm

Aug 16- Comedy Bar Toronto 11pm

Aug 17- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 8pm

Aug 20- Cadillac Lounge Toronto

Aug 23- Comedy Bar Toronto 8pm

Aug 27- The Ossington Toronto 8pm

Aug 28-30- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls


JULY 2014

July 5- Comedy Bar Toronto- 9pm



JUNE 2014

June 5th- COCA College Showcase Niagara Falls

June 6th- Cornwall, Ontario (I KNOW RIGHT!?)

June 18-22- NXNE TORONTO

June 20-21- Yuk Yuk’s Hamilton

June 28- Comedy Bar Toronto-9pm

June 20- The Rivoli Toronto 9pm

MAY 2014

May 2-3- Yuk Yuk’s Ajax

May 6- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

May 7- Hosting Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 8pm

May 8- Hosting Yuk Yuk’s Toronto 8pm

May12- The Rivoli Toronto

May 15-17- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

May 23- Oshawa Shrine Club

May 24- The Comedy Bar, Toronto- Comedy Uncovered show

May 26- The Rivoli Toronto

May 30-31- Yuk Yuk’s Kitchener


APRIL 2014

April 22- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto

April 25- Yuk Yuk’s Toronto


MARCH 2014


MARCH 13- Tall Boys Bar in Toronto- ALBUM RECORDING!

MARCH 19- Fanshawe College, London Ontario

MARCH 20- The Rose Theatre, Brampton Ontario

MARCH 23- I’ll be an awards presenter at the Prism Awards

MARCH 24- The Rivoli Toronto


Feb 3rd-930pm Barneys Beanery 
99 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena CA 91105
Feb 3rd-10pm Pubilc House
1739 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Feb 5 -9pm The Rack
6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles CA 91367
Feb 6th- 9pm Comedy Palace
2112 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, California 90027
Feb 7th- 9pm The Capri
4604 Eagle rock Blvd LA, CA 90041
Feb 10th – 9pm 4100 Bar
4100 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Feb 12- 930pm West Side Comedy Theatre
1323-A 3rd St
Santa Monica, CA 90401





Jan 9, 10, 11- Yuk Yuk’s Halifax

Jan 16, 17, 18- Yuk Yuk’s St John’s


Dec 2nd- The Rivoli, Toronto 9pm

Dec 6-7- Yuk Yuk’s Montreal

Dec 13-14- Kincardine, Ontario

Dec 19, 20, 21- Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga


Nov 1-2 – The Comedy Quarry, Windsor Ontario

Nov 7- Sutton, Ontario

Nov 9- Langton, Ontario

Nov 14- COCA College Showcase, London, Ontario

Nov 15- Coburg, Ontario

Nov 18- The Comedy Bar 8pm AND The Rivoli 9pm

Nov 22- Guelph, Ontario

Nov 28, 29, 30- Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga



Oct 4th-5th- Yuk Yuk’s London

Oct 19th- Memorial Arena St. Thomas

Oct 24th- 27th- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

Oct 28- The Rivoli Toronto


Sept 3rd- Sheridan College Oakville Campus

Sept 4th- Northern College HaileyBury Campus

Sept 5th- Northern College Timmins Campus

Sept 6th-7th- Yuk Yuk’s Kitchener

Sept 12th- Conestoga College

Sept 21- Yuk Yuk’s Niagara falls TWO SHOWS 8pm-10pm

Sept 27th- Algonquin College

Sept 29- Comedy Bar Toronto


AUG 1- 3 Yuk Yuk’s Ajax

AUG 8- Yuk Yuk’s a the Peppermill in Minden

AUG 15,16,17- Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa on Elgin

AUG 21- LIVE REHASH PODCAST at The Central- part of Toronto Podcast Festival

AUG 22, 23, 24- The Comedy Nest Montreal


JULY 3, 4, 5, 6, 7- Headlining Yuk Yuks Toronto- Click for tickets and showtimes




JUNE 8- Comedy in Paincourt, Ontario

JUNE 12- NXNE Showcase at Comedy Bar

JUNE 13- NXNE Comedians on Social Media Presentation

JUNE 14-15- Yuk Yuk’s Vaughn

JUNE 16-NXNE Comedy Showcase 10pm

JUNE 16- Dad jokes at Comedy Bar 9pm